Quantum & Delay
Expert Services

We are specialists in the field of schedule and delay analysis and offer project-accompanying expert services to determine the temporal and monetary effects of performance deviations

As experts, we support you in the course of dispute resolution either out or also before court.

We work as experts in national and international arbitration proceedings, both for clients and for contractors.

Schedule Analysis

We support the whole project management starting from contractual scheduling by the client or the planning of the construction time by the contractor especially during the preparation stage of the execution.

We establish thereby the foundations for an updating of the building process as laid down in the internationally acknowledged method of Time Impact Analysis (TIA).

Event based delay analysis rests on construction schedules with adequate resources, consider as-built processes and provide the basis for a cooperative contract management.

Consultation or Expert Reports

We advise and examine contracts for contractors and clients and act as neutral and objective entity for both contracting parties. We work for all project members for and with lawyers as well as on behalf of insurances.

Within the context as experts we guarantee a constant and impartial position. Transparency and objectivity are our main priorities.

As part of the counselling in the economic construction industry we support our customers in the achievement of their objectives in the best possible way.


In contrast to legal proceedings, the advantages of arbitration proceedings are tight and structured time schedules, proactive management of the proceedings and a usually faster processing. We support our clients as delay and quantum experts in settlements and arbitration proceedings.

As part of contractual agreements, we, as experts, are able to determine facts due to specific legal consequences and therefore contribute primarily to any conflict avoidance.

BWI Time Model

Current developments in Austria show an increasing awareness of the importance and advantages of consistent construction scheduling and updating, especially in the infrastructure sector, our main field of activity.

Construction time models for infrastructure projects are being discussed, requirements for the planning and updating of construction schedules are being defined and workable construction schedules are already being requested for current tenders. As this is the main focus of our work, we naturally welcome these developments and try to contribute our know-how accordingly. In this context, we have currently developed a model for the contractual updating of construction schedules, which simplifies the handling of performance deviations in infrastructure projects.

Based on project-specific contractual regulations, the requirements of ÖNorm B 2118 and the legal framework conditions, our basic model offers a practicable methodology for the contractual construction schedule update, which is also specifically oriented to the actual construction process.

In the sense of a project-accompanying and partnership-based approach, we see ourselves as civil engineers in the role of a professional and independent advisor on the project. A fact-based and efficient handling of the effects of performance deviations can thus be expected, especially in complex infrastructure projects.

In addition to the actual application in projects, we are currently presenting the BWI time model to clients and contractor committees in the context of seminars. Corresponding publications in the professional press are being prepared and will appear soon.